"Bridging the gap between 

Ideas and the Resources 

required to execute your vision"

Whether expanding your business, starting a new business, going for that next round of funding, restructuring your business, or planning for  an M & A transaction, JMI will help you turn the "vision" into actionable events.   Our founder, Jack Mott, CPA (inactive) MBA, started JMI in 1988, and has over 30 years of industry experience.

For Litigation, "Troubled Companies", "Troubled Assets" and "troubled situations" we specialize in assisting your legal team in resolution, bankruptcy compliance, pre-Bankruptcy workouts, and development and execution of restructuring options.  We work closely with your management team, legal team, trustees, and execute and coordinate the process.  We also provide asset management and coordinate the disposition (sale, licensing, partnering) of assets, business operations, and intellectual property.

For new corporate acquisitions or pending sales, we provide transitional management, integration and support

Our experience will assist your company in execution and in visualizing what happens when the "rubber meets the road".  Our team includes CPAs, MBAs, entrepreneurs, operational and financial professionals who have "been-there-done-that".

Typical Client Situations:

Mergers & Acquisitions execution, due diligence and support (Buy-side and Sell-side)
Valuation assessments
Acquisition transition, integration, restructuring and turnarounds
Section 363 asset sales, coordination, implementation, and execution
Consulting for growth and productivity improvement
Corporate assessments for due diligence or internal strategic purposes
Forensic financial investigations
Corporate restructuring for high growth and "troubled companies" 
Support your legal team with temporary in-house assistance to clients in Chapter 11or 7 bankruptcy to meet compliance & filings requirements  (Monthly Operating Reports, financial statements)
Asset management and  disposition (sale, licensing, partnering) of assets, business operations, and intellectual property
Series A, B, C, D financing (business plans, private placement memorandums, due diligence, investor presentations)
Build-out of start-up infrastructure, or productivity improvements to existing infrastructure
Translation of "Strategic Visions" into Actionable Events
Business Development for identifying and closing strategic partnerships
Infrastructure creation for e-commerce, operations and financial functions 
Identification of Merger & Acquisition prospects & partners
Competitive Analyses 
Litigation Support Services

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